IMG_6564_jpg_2It was in 1998 when the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at TU Dortmund University introduced the first study program specialised in logistics management in Germany. Since then, logistics has become a vital and innovative pillar of practical and theoretical research within the faculty. As one of five institutions in the faculty, the Chair of Enterprise Logistics advances research activities in logistics engineering and logistics management. The chair was established in 2013, when Michael Henke succeeded Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Kuhn. The former Chair of Factory Organisation can now look upon more than forty years of experience and success.

The Chair of Enterprise Logistics stands for both theoretical and applied research and teaching in the fields of Enterprise Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The research activities emphasise the main topics of supply chain management and procurement, production management, factory planning as well as maintenance and productivity management. The aim of these research activities is the comprehension of all logistical activities within a company and its surrounding value chain, directed to establish an integrated and holistic management and leadership approach.


An important target is the effective utilisation of new technologies and innovative management concepts for the practice in logistics, production and procurement. Over many long years, the chair evolved a thorough understanding for process orientation and adaptability of logistic systems, which now constitutes the fundament for these developments. Many of these solutions are specifically designed for the needs of small and medium sized enterprises.

The chair is embedded in a large and growing international network of universities in Europe and around the world, including countries like Brazil, South Africa, France and Turkey, facilitating joint research and teaching. Research and industrial projects are executed in close collaboration with the Fraunhofer IML.